Delight yourself and your guests with the Colandish

The World´s First for 2015

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The Colandish - a new invention for 2015
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Serving bowl and colander in one! Strain, mix and serve in seconds.

The Colandish is an intelligent All-In-One solution. It is a practical colander and an attractive bowl, combined. Use it firstly to prepare your food in and then to elegantly serve your food from.

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It's so easy!

Empty your food from the pot straight into the Colandish. It only requires a little downward pressure on the top of the Colandish and the pop-up silicone base flips up around the colander. You now have a stylish bowl in which you can finish preparing your food and also serve it.

process 3

The Colandish also keeps food warm!

Once on the kitchen table, the food in the bowl keeps warmer for longer because the Colandish works as a thermic food container, thanks to the integrated silicone base and the silicone lid.

process 4

Pot holders and table mats? You don’t need them!

The Colandish not only keeps the inside warm, it also keeps the outer surface cool. The base doesn’t heat up, so you don’t need pot cloths and table mats.

process 5

Storing leftovers? No problem.

Always searching around for a new container to put leftovers in? Why make life complicated when it can be so easy! Simply leave your leftovers in the Colandish, cover the contents with the silicone lid and place it in the refrigerator.

process 6

The Colandish is so versatile.

The number of ways in which you can use the Colandish is virtually endless: Washing and serving fruit, vegetables or salads, preparing and mixing noodles and rice, as well as serving and storing... The Colandish is definitely the new universal kitchen accessory for everyday life.

process 7

Excellent quality.

The Colandish is made of stainless steel of the highest quality and food safe silicone. It meets international food contact standards, such as FDA/LFGB. The Colandish is dishwasher safe and easy to use.

New versions of the Colandish will be available shortly, such as models made of the translucent, almost indestructible material tritan, which is up to 6 times harder than other plastics, has absolutely no taste, is odourless and is BPA free.

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Innovative and brand new!

This smart kitchen product, that cleverly blends functionality and stylish design, was co-developed by HOUSEWARES GERMANY and we have the exclusive distribution rights. The Colandish is patent pending.


Further inspiration and more information about the various functions of the Colandish can be found in this short video.


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